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Amirul. Servant. Son. Brother. Friend. Gooner. 20.
"May the eyes of the coward never sleep."

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"my Solah is my oxygen"

No matter how low or high our current state in life, never let go of it.”

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Menyepi bukan kerana membenci.

Whatever happen. Trust me, I will love you always. Lillahitaala. Inshaa Allah.

Because I don’t know how to hate people who I ever loved and care ;)

JNN, 1901

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Taqwa, tawheed and tawakkul

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You owe the coffee to the Muslims -

Who doesn’t love coffee? Coffee fuels the modern world and we have the Muslims to thank for it. Before becoming the name of a chocolate latte, “Mocha” was a city in Yemen where coffee beans were first brewed into the beverage we depend on today. From there, the drink spread throughout the world, but its introduction to the West was difficult. The fear of “creeping sharia” is nothing new; there were calls to ban the “Muslim drink” in Europe. It wasn’t until 1600 that Pope Clement VIII allowed it upon tasting the “the bitter invention of Satan” for himself.

But the story doesn’t end there. Before coffee, the drink of Europe was beer. In fact, they would start their day with “beer soup” and continue to drink beer throughout the day. Their primary hangout was the tavern where people got together, got drunk, and passed out. But with the introduction of coffee, the hangout became the coffeehouse where people got together, got hyper, and talked… a lot. Instead of drunken rambling, now people were holding intelligent conversations. It was in the coffeehouse where people like Voltaire and Rousseau would discuss ideas that led to the Enlightenment of Europe. It was in the coffeehouse that the modern encyclopedia was born. Later, it was in the coffeehouse where Paul Revere and John Adams planned the American Revolution.
The coffeehouse pulled Europe out of the Dark Ages and into the Enlightenment. Today, we Muslims find ourselves coming out of our Dark Ages. We recently struggled out from under the heel of colonialism and are now trying to find our way through circumstances never experienced before, especially here in the West. We need venues like the coffeehouses of Europe where Muslims can get together, hold intelligent conversations, and come up with innovative ideas to help our communities overcome the unique challenges we face.


Nampaknya aku macam dah terlambat. Bukan dah penat. Hambar. Macam dah dipetik sepantas kilat.